Digitalisation with an Edge

A Smart City Vision Brought to life by our IoT Partners

  • Vertical transportation is a hefty financial investment that can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, even for a medium-size building. For such a functionally important and costly asset, it is important that regular and timely maintenance is done to prevent inconveniencing commuters that rely on this asset or incur heavy replacement fees.

    This is why Lift Hub has turned to IoT and data analytics to provide alerts and trending insights for predictive maintenance.

Come meet our homegrown IoT partners that are delivering innovative smart nation solutions efficiently and reliably with the support of our award winning IoT-a-a-S solution and edge computing hubs.


As you explore our Smart City, you’ll see how monitoring, maintenance, public health and safety can be enhanced through IoT.


SPTel is proud to be connecting our partners and their solutions with a ready platform for device management, gateway, computing and backhaul that enables fast, hassle-free IoT deployment. Through the use of a shared, common platform, our partners enjoy economies of scale and easier collaboration with like-minded partners.


Coupled with our edge hubs for computing nearer to the data source and an ultra-low latency network, we help our partners unlock use cases that require real-time responsiveness.

Want to collaborate with like-minded partners on a multi-protocol, open API platform to win together?

Want us to package a Smart solution for you?