Thank you to everyone who took part in our “SPTel Auspicious Visit Contest”. We received numerous entries and were heartened by the enthusiasm shown. Here’s a look at some of the key highlights of our visit over the lunar new year.

Here are our winners!

Company Winning Comment
1CLOUDSTAR PTE LTD “I am happy with my account management at SPTel. I find that they are responsive and responsible. I have greater assurance while working with them.”
ASCENIX PTE LTD “SPTel the only network service provider in Singapore that offers true diversity and innovative services in fibre network topology. We have been enjoying its excellent service and support for our connectivity needs and are pleased to share that we find our network is now more resilient. Highly recommend for you to try them out!”
FUTURE SENZE PTE LTD “SPTel’s services have got us convinced. We are happy with their Internet connectivity that comes with DDoS attack detection for free and even the option to buy bandwidth on demand. It makes our operations smoother and is a unique selling point we can share with our customers.”
HERON TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. “I think the biggest factor is customer service, and understanding of my needs.”
HOTEL 1929 “Reliable service and faster system setup compared to other providers. Good customer support and fast response. Fast and strong internet so far have no issue with it. Also, the staff Peng Han is very reliable and responded to all inquiries. Thank you.”
INDIGO EDUCATION CENTRE PTE. LTD “Affordable, stable, service oriented and fast turn around time.”
KEN-JO INDUSTRIES PTE. LTD. “I am pleased with SPTel’s IoT solution. It really helps us to deploy our smart sensor services quickly and efficiently. Would highly recommend if you are looking for an IoT partner to check out SPTel.”
TERRABIT NETWORKS PTE. LTD. “Working with SPTel as a channel partner has been great. We believe in the product and even signed up for it as part of our own office services. Happy to work with someone cooperative and responsive like them.”