We sat down with Phoebe Xie, Co-Founder of Abyfarm to dive more into this topic. This unique start up is changing the way you operate and manage a typical farm by leveraging on IoT to drive automation. Phoebe shares these valuable insights with us in an intimate chat.


Q: Can you tell us a little bit about what Abyfarm does?

A: We are a Singapore-based agri-tech company that recently won the tender to build a carpark rooftop farm in Ang Mo Kio. Our mission is to empower the concept of “My Farm to My Table at My Backyard” for every family in Singapore. We hope to provide healthier, pesticide free produce that is sustainable for the environment as well.


Q: How is Abyfarm doing thing differently from traditional farms?

A: As an urban farm, we rely on IoT to monitor and automate our farm processes. We make use of thousands of data points to understand the full cycle of our plants and to create optimal environments for higher yields and improved crop health.


Q: Final question, how is Abyfarm using IoT sensors?

A: We use a variety of IoT sensors that are linked to SPTel’s IoT-a-a-S platform for device management and data collection. We measure perimeters like light, outdoor, and indoor air temperature, water temperature, water EC, pH value, air humidity, and nutrients such as NPK, Co2. With these readings our agronomist can determine how well our plants are doing and whether there is a chance of disease.

Want to find out more about how Abyfarm is leveraging SPTel’s Business Class Digital solutions to support their Urban Farm?

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