Accelerating Multi-Access Edge Cloud and IoT deployment for Smart Nation

Accelerating Multi-Access Edge Cloud and IoT deployment for Smart Nation

In today’s digital world, businesses are moving more and more towards an “as-a-service” model because it makes for faster and more effective deployment. With SPTel Internet of Things (IoT)-as-a-Service, organisation can deploy IoT easily and quickly without hefty upfront investment in technology that they may not be able to maintain, manage and update.

To jumpstart your IoT journey, we have created a trial program for businesses.

What is the SPTel Internet of Things (IoT)-as-a-Service Trial Program?

The trial program provides IoT service providers with an all in one solution for IoT Platform, edge computing platform, IoT gateway (Wi-Fi and LoRa) and backhaul connectivity to support their operational requirements for application hosting.

Supported and funded by Enterprise Singapore, this trial program will serve as an innovation incubator, providing aspiring partners, SMEs and enterprises a ready platform for IoT deployment and testing at a subsidised rate. Customers will also benefit from SPTel led marketing initiatives to promote their solutions that leverage the IoT-as-a-Service platform. Find out more about our award winning IoT-as-a-Service platform, click here.

This trial program starts from 1st February 2020 and runs for a limited time only

  • Free Trial (6 weeks)
  • 50% subsidy on Pilot fees x 3 months

How to enjoy this benefit?

  1. Apply for the trial (OTC $1500 is waived*)
  2. Trial begins once the application is processed and approved
  3. At the end of the trial, submit a final project update and testimonial
  4. Proceed to pilot phase (MRC $1500, for 3 months)

1st Phase – Trial

2nd Phase – Pilot

Full Commercial


Device Onboarding and Application Testing package in SPTel’s Innovation Lab

Testing in production environment

Production environment


OTC Waived

Standard: $1500 per month (Up to 1000 sensors )
With ESG grant: $750 per month

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Up to 6 weeks

Up to 6 weeks

Minimum contract of 12 months


Guided trial with dedicated support

Self service trial with Operation support

Self service with IOC support


  1. Local Registered Business with UEN.
  2. Businesses must meet the SME Criteria to apply for subsidy under Enterprise Singapore incentives

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Who should apply?

  • Decision makers who are looking to deploy new or integrate existing IoT solutions including IT architect, engineer and IoT solution providers
  • IoT Software developers looking for minimal start-up cost and a ready to use platform
  • IoT Service providers looking for a one stop provider with a full suite of services including edge computing, gateway, backhaul connectivity.

Key Benefits

  • Scalability without heavy upfront investmentLeverage on SPTel’s award winning IoT-as-a-Service platform to achieve lower cost of deployment, with a utility-based model and the option to add additional devices as you grow.
  • Ease of management with a comprehensive total solutionA single provider that takes care of your IoT needs end-to-end. From application enablement, device access, data collection, processing, storage, and network transport.
  • Increased speed to market
    Deploy IoT devices seamlessly through a digital customer portal. Link up, manage and review your devices and data with just a few clicks.
  • Enhanced Application performanceWith SPTel’s truly diverse network that consists of thousands of hubs across Singapore for multi-edge computing. Perform analysis closer to the things, events and people you serve for faster results.
  • Application-friendly Container-based IoT PlatformA robust and user-friendly platform that allows containerized applications to be deployed quickly and reliably just about anywhere in a private cloud like SPTel’s or public cloud.

Want to learn more about how we can help Accelerate Multi-Access Edge Cloud and IoT for Smart Nation?

Request a digital copy of the White Paper here with a valid business email account.